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Complaints ALJ Director and Chief, OAH Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) General Jurisdiction Division 1515 Clay Street

As a UCLA graduate I went through an identification theft and fraud at a Citibank, fsb intersection Doheney Drive and Sunset Boulevard with a Marsten, Robbie; her parents are acquaintances for lawyers that make illegal railroads filing documents in Sup. Ct. bias and prejudice perjur slander. I worked for a Yong Won Kim, AIA with full time 60 hours a week with a PI that is a Bell’s Palsy that is substantiated it Sup. Ct, transcripts WD parents that EVF’s have felonious illegitimate 32 hours. I worked for an Hamed Akahavein, AIA with full time 40 hours a week with a PI that is a left wrist arthroscopy that EVF’s have felonious illegitimate 28 hours; false contracts evidence Board.

I telephoned their felonious business to acquire permission to fill below the lines that are malicious hours that have documented medical excuse, including signatures; education Board has misre-presented the filing of transcripts to UCLA, et. I continued an employee in false gratuities through licensure until 2007. Board perjur to felonious forgery that I had not committed with their felony and misdemeanor fraudulent EVF’s hours. I filed a complaint to the Social Security Administration SSA with their blasphemy to the Administration Law Judges ALJ’s their filing false documents from as a false respondent from their evidenced in the US Department of Education that G. Michael German, Montgomery PisanoCase No.: 13-22-22191failed previous education for felonious graduate education and false licensure I do not have to their inconsistencies in irregularity in false privileges that they have with the state to misrepresent us as US Citizens that they are not the above licensure that do not deserve their title to unclear uncut licensure capabilities with inconsistent education as felonious international students Board.As a licensee in the Board I went through embezzlement, extortion, swindling with respondents to mockery that misrepresented the ALJ’s. UCLA Medical diagnose of Bell’s Palsy’s to file articles ALJ’s to have law change transcripts in an earnest manner in Oakland Administration Hearing - OAH that mock respondents had no intention to appearing that I can not because of their no appearance felonious misdemeanor to ALJ’s. I have filed to the DA Consumer Protection Agency to their false stipulation to the ALJ’s. Both were to meet at the OAH with the above to make changes to the EVF’s that they made each fraudulent to their inconsistencies in dress and false manner in false demeanor on the telephone lying. I have law witnessed a misrepresentation that needs a disbarment as a good California resident to respondents that are felonious to ALJ’s that have documents as that they told me to send to them.

TITLE 10 App.

(a) The Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association are hereby adopted as the rules of conduct for members of the Bar of this Court. To the extent that these rules are inconsistent with applicable service rules of professional conduct, the conduct of judge advocates will be reviewed under the rules of their service. To the extent that these rules are inconsistent with the rules of professional conduct which apply in the location where a civilian member of the bar maintains a principal office, the conduct of civilian counsel will be reviewed under the rules of their licensing jurisdiction.(b) Whenever a member of the Bar of this Court has been disbarred or suspended from practice in any court of record, the Court will enter an order suspending that member from practice before this Court and affording the member an opportunity to show cause, within 30 days, why a disbarment order should not be entered. Upon response, or if no response is timely filed, the Court will enter an appropriate order.(c) If it appears that a member of the Bar of this Court has engaged in conduct unbecoming a member of the Bar, or failed to comply with this Rule or any other Rule or order of the Court, the Court may enter an order affording the member an opportunity to show cause, within 30 days, why disciplinary action should not be taken. If the member, in responding to the show cause order, raises material questions of fact, the Court may appoint a special master who shall hold a hearing and prepare proposed findings of fact and recommendations. After affording the member of the bar a reasonable opportunity to prepare written objections to the proposed findings of fact and recommendations, the proposed findings and recommendations, together with any written objections thereto, shall be submitted to the Court. Upon due consideration thereof, the Court may take such disciplinary action as it deems appropriate against the member of the Bar.

33 U.S. Code § 931 - Penalty for misrepresentation

(a) Felony; fine; imprisonment(1) Any claimant or representative of a claimant who knowingly and willfully makes a false statement or representation for the purpose of obtaining a benefit or payment under this chapter shall be guilty of a felony, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000, by imprisonment not to exceed five years, or by both.(2) The United States attorney for the district in which the injury is alleged to have occurred shall make every reasonable effort to promptly investigate each complaint made under this subsection.(b) List of persons disqualified from representing claimants(1) No representation fee of a claimant’s representative shall be approved by the deputy commissioner, an administrative law judge, the Board, or a court pursuant to section 928 of this title, if the claimant’s representative is on the list of individuals who are disqualified from representing claimants under this chapter maintained by the Secretary pursuant to paragraph (2) of this subsection.(2)(A) The Secretary shall annually prepare a list of those individuals in each compensation district who have represented claimants for a fee in cases under this chapter and who are not authorized to represent claimants. The names of individuals contained on the list required under this subparagraph shall be made available to employees and employers in each compensation district through posting and in such other forms as the Secretary may prescribe.(B) Individuals shall be included on the list of those not authorized to represent claimants under this chapter if the Secretary determines under this section, in accordance with the procedure provided in subsection (j) of section 907 of this title, that such individual—(i) has been convicted (without regard to pending appeal) of any crime in connection with the representation of a claimant under this chapter or any workers’ compensation statute;(ii) has engaged in fraud in connection with the presentation of a claim under this or any workers’ compensation statute, including, but not limited to, knowingly making false representations, concealing or attempting to conceal material facts with respect to a claim, or soliciting or otherwise procuring false testimony;(iii) has been prohibited from representing claimants before any other workers’ compensation agency for reasons of professional misconduct which are similar in nature to those which would be grounds for disqualification under this paragraph; or(iv) has accepted fees for representing claimants under this chapter which were not approved, or which were in excess of the amount approved pursuant to section 928 of this title.(C) Notwithstanding subparagraph (B), no individual who is on the list required to be maintained by the Secretary pursuant to this section shall be prohibited from presenting his or her own claim or from representing without fee, a claimant who is a spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, or child of such individual.(D) A determination under subparagraph (A) shall remain in effect for a period of not less than three years and until the Secretary finds and gives notice to the public that there is reasonable assurance that the basis for the determination will not reoccur.(3) No employee shall be liable to pay a representation fee to any representative whose fee has been disallowed by reason of the operation of this paragraph.(4) The Secretary shall issue such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out this section.(c) False statements or representation to reduce, deny, or terminate benefitsA person including, but not limited to, an employer, his duly authorized agent, or an employee of an insurance carrier who knowingly and willfully makes a false statement or representation for the purpose of reducing, denying, or terminating benefits to an injured employee, or his dependents pursuant to section 909 of this title if the injury results in death, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000, by imprisonment not to exceed five years, or by both.

In Re: Accusation of Nichols you acknowledged the receipt against a attorney, received 12/17/14. I have sent a Application for relief from default perhaps not explaining sufficiently the above perjur 12/13/14, the last day a timely accusation against an attorney could have been filed is 12/1/14, for good cause the court may permit the filing of an untimely accusation that to their Board slander.

For reason of good cause I am now filing an Application for relief from default which explains the reason for failing to file a timely accusation, Re: Accusation against G. Michael German & Montgomery S. Pisano perjur. The Application was late for a previous medical left wrist arthroscopy with Dr. Jeffrey Yoa, Stanford Hospital & Clinic with an fraudulent malicious Yong Won Kim and Hamed Akhavein that I worked more than 60 and 40 hours a week that is in consistent pain. I have made a Social Security Administration (SSA) complaint against Bar, Board that made a premeditated misrepresentation, while they were consistently harassing, extorting, and attempting assault with Shawnravi Lewis and Abiy Anbessie that went through resulting in the WD of Iris G. Nichols, PI/D/WD in the transcripts that filed were maliciously misplaced, damaged, or stolen. I have needed to spend more time with document processors that resulted in the late filing of Accusations against attorneys and State Bar Los Angeles made an unfair decision to their criminal activities that you need to see D.A. Wagstaffe in San Mateo Co. and D.A. Gianini that prosecuted them above.

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